Why choose me?

fabio smeraldo

I have been working as a freelance web designer and sound engineer for some time now. At an early age I began pushing myself to focus on how to get things done with high standards and in a timely manner. I have learned to recognize great ideas when I stumble upon them and I now know how to help people realize them. I also at least understand the best practices in every stage of the creation of a solid product in both the above industries.

You really should hire me now, before someone else does.



Just click on one of the icons below to see my work and know more about my skills. Please note that due to renovation I will be releasing new material periodically. As of now, only a web design portfolio is available. For other inquiries feel free to contact me!

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Where am I?

I can be anywhere! What's important to me is that I can be of real value to you, gain experience for myself and do what I love doing within a like-minded team.

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